Specified Controls CO2 Temp Humidity Thermostat

The SC-CO2-TH offers an intelligent way to monitor and reduce CO2 levels in an interior space by being able to introduce fresh outside air at a controlled rate.

The SC-CO2-TH requires very little user interaction. It can monitor the levels of carbon dioxide as well as humidity and temperature within the applied space and is capable of initiating alarms and corrective action if any of these exceed pre-set levels.

The SC-CO2-TH can be configured to meet the requirements of most applications through the use of an Advanced Installer menu which allows the user to change how the monitor will respond to and report the levels of carbon dioxide, temperature, and humidity.

  • Clear Indication of Current IAQ Conditions
  • Mutlicolour Back Light - Optional Visual Alarm Warning
  • Long Life NDIR CO2 Sensor (10+ Years)
  • Clear, Audible Alarm Option
  • Assisted Ventilation Function
  • Programmable Volt Free Relay
  • Three 0-10V Outputs (Fully Scalable)
  • CO2, Temperature & Humidity
  • Pin Protected Installer Options Menu
  • Modbus RTU & BACnet MSTP Communications
  • Powered from 12 - 30V AC or DC
  • Universal Input with Programmable Functions
  • CE & C-Tick Certified
  • Warranty - 3 Years

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