Specified Controls Universal Retro Kit Balancing Damper

The SC-BAL-URET-KIT is a retrofit kit designed to convert a manual balancing damper into a fully adjustable, electronic balancing damper that can be remotely operated using the SC-BAL-C, hand-held positioning controller. The damper actuator is accessed through a RJ11 connector cable terminating at an optional wall box, round ceiling plate or diffuser connector. The retro kit is comprised of only three parts making it easy to install on most manual balancing dampers. The kit includes an actuator coupling, anti-rotation bracket and a 12 volt DC actuator with mounting bracket. The actuator coupling is designed to fit a 1/2” round, 3/8” round or 3/8” square damper shaft.

The anti-rotation bracket allows the actuator to be mounted above the balancing damper stand-off and provides a maximum mounting height of 8” above the damper shell.

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