Night Set Back Thermostat for SC-Z20 System

The SC-Z20-NS™ programmable night stat can be used for occupied and unoccupied scheduling of the SC-Z20. When wired and configured properly, the SC-Z20-NS takes the place of a separate 7-day clock, night stat and override timer. TheSC-Z20-NS 'G' fan output is used to open and close the the clock contact 'T' terminals on the SC-Z20 panel that places the system in the occupied and unoccupied mode of operation. The SC-Z20-NS can also be used with a C7189U Indoor Remote Sensor. 24 Volt power to the thermostat is supplied by the SC-Z20 panel through dedicated clock power terminals 'R' and 'C'. The thermostat also has battery backup. The SC-Z20-NS can be configured to provide 7-day scheduling with 2 or 4 events per day.

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