Non-programmable Atlas Thermostat

The SC-T32-VNP Atlas is a feature-rich, digital thermostat that has been manufactured using the highest quality components and design currently available. When properly installed and configured by a professional heating and air conditioning contractor, the SC-T32-VNP Atlas will provide years of dependable operation.

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# Cool Stages: 2

# Heat Stages: 3

Auto Changeover: Y

Backlight: Y

Filter Monitor: Y

Imprinting: Y

Keypad Lockout: Y

Power Type: Battery or Hardwired

Program: 7

Programmable: Y

Programmable Fan: Y

Remote Inputs: Y

Remote Outputs: N

Set Point Limiting: Y

Terminal C or X: Y

Terminal E: N

Terminal G: Y

Terminal O or O/B: Y

Terminal R, Rh, or Rc: Y

Terminal W or W1: Y

Terminal W2: Y

Terminal Y or Y1: Y

Terminal Y2: Y

Touchscreen: Y

Vacation Hold: N

Warranty: 5

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